Information for Buyers

The best thing you can do for yourself as a buyer is get educated! Even if you are months away from being ready to start, I still want to talk to you! In fact, the earlier in the process we connect the better. Getting to know the market in the communities you want to purchase in could be one of the most important steps in this whole process. Not only will the information help you be a wise buyer, but it will also give you a very realistic view into what you can find in that neighbourhood in your budget. We can also start familiarizing you with the new language involved in home buying mortgage information, contacts you will need along the way, and the step by step on getting you to possession day!

Building New

You may or may not know, we can help with this too! Most developers have no problem paying us to help you – at no additional cost to you! There are lots of reasons to use a REALTOR® when you build a new home. Here are a few of them:

  • We are on your side! We will go to bat for you and make sure you have an extra set of eyes and ears while you are going through the process.
  • We can help you negotiate more favourable terms.
  • We can walk you through the process and explain how it all works.
  • We can join you when you are making your design choices – if you want! While we are not designers, we do know what appeals to people when it comes to resale! Even though resale isn’t in your head right now, one day it will be, and we’ll be there for that too!
  • We can help you make sure you aren’t spending too much money on upgrades! We are always striving to make sure you get out what you put into upgrades and renovations.
  • We can help you pick you any potential deficiencies at your walkthrough.

If you think building a new home is the way to go for you, let’s go check them out together! It is important we are there with you the first time you go to a show home. That way, the sales team who works for the builder knows you have someone on your side too.

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